Seattle Mayoral and City Council Candidates Respond to Question about Library Issues


In election years, The Friends of The Seattle Public Library and The Seattle Public Library Foundation ask Mayoral and City Council candidates to answer questions of interest to those who use and value The Seattle Public Library.  This election year, all general election candidates were asked to respond to the same question concerning library hours, collections and the capital budget.

Given a  shortfall in city revenues and  additional budget cuts necessary for 2010, how important is it to a) maintain hours at current levels, b) improve funding levels for collections, which includes public computers and c) to restore the capital budget for building maintenance?

Click HERE to read all unedited responses received by the publication deadline of the Friends newsletter The BookMark.  Please note, “No Response” indicates either a late response or no response received.

The Seattle candidates for Mayor are: Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan

And for Seattle City  Council:

Council Position No. 2:  Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg

Council Position No. 4:  Sally Bagshaw and David Bloom

Council Position No. 6:  Nick Licata and Jessie Israel

Council Position No. 8:  Mike O’Brien and Robert Rosencrantz

King County Election Ballots will be mailed October 14th and must be postmarked by November 3rd.  Don’t forget to vote!