2010 Friends of SPL Wrap-up

Now that 2010 is over and a new year is beginning it is time to reflect on what we did in the last year and look forward to 2011.  2010 was a busy year for the Friends and the Library, here are just some of the highlights (and lowlights) of last year:

  • The year started out with tough city-wide budget cuts.  15 of our branch libraries were reduced in hours.
  • Seattle Public Library began working on a strategic plan.  Citizens and the Friends were asked for input.
  • The Friends’ Book Sales were a huge success.  We held Spring, Fall and Holiday Sales.  We are always impressed by the great turn out of donations, volunteers and of course, shoppers!
  • The Friends Blog partnered with the Seattle Public Library to get out the word about the Summer Reading Program.
  • The FriendShop had tons of great featured artist events all year long.
  • The Friends were seen at Farmer’s Markets all over the city to spread the word about what we do and to get people excited about the Seattle Public Library.
  • Once again, the Library closed for a week-long furlough leading up to Labor Day to help close the budget gap.
  • On October 1, the Friends held a reading flash mob in Westlake Center.  It was fun and attracted a lot of media attention!
  • The Friends created a Public Service Announcement.   Look for it on the Seattle Channel!
  • Building 30 at Magnuson Park where the Book Sales are held has been in danger of being closed.  The Friends have been trying to get the word out to save this great space for ourselves and other groups all over Seattle.
  • The Friends have partnered with the Fisher Foundation in Connecticut to get books into classrooms in need.
  • City Librarian Susan Hildreth was appointed Director of Museum and Library Services by the President!

Now that was a busy year!  What does 2011 have in store?  Probably a tight city budget again.  A search for a new City Librarian.  Definitely some Book Sales and great finds at the FriendShop.  Happy New Year!


Come say hello to the Friends at a local Farmer’s Market!

This summer the Friends of the Seattle Public Library will be visiting Farmer’s Markets all over the city.  Come say hi, buy one of our bags, learn more about us and what you can do to support the Seattle Public Library, or sign a petition.  We can’t wait to meet you!  Here are the markets we will be visiting and the dates:


West Seattle

Sundays 10-2

August 1, August 29, October 10, November 14


University District

Saturdays 9-2

 August 14, September 18, October 9


Columbia City

Wednesdays 3-7

July 28, August 18, October 6



Sundays 11-3

September 12, October 10



Saturdays 10-2

July 24, August 28, September 11


Lake City

Thursdays 3-7

July 15, August 12, September 16


Phinney Ridge

Fridays 3-7

September 10

To learn more about the markets go to the Neighborhood Farmer’s Market alliance website.