Candidates Read at the Central Library

The Friends of the Seattle Public Library will be hosting “Candidates Read (and Greet),” a Seattle mayoral candidate event, on Monday, June 17, at 6 p.m. at the Central Library. The event will be moderated by Dan Dixon , president of the Library Board.

Each of the candidates has been invited to read a selection from a book of their choice — a book that shaped them as a person, meant a great deal to their lives, or simply their favorite book. After the readings, there will be a short question-and-answer session dedicated to literacy, library issues, and library funding. Attendees will learn more about important library issues that will affect Seattle’s political landscape for future generations.

Seven candidates are currently scheduled to participate:

  • Joey Gray
  • Bruce Harrell
  • Kay Martin
  • Mary Martin
  • Ed Murray
  • Charlie Staadecker
  • Peter Steinbrueck

Update:  Mayor McGinn is now confirmed to participate