Friends Receive Large Book Donation

When Joan Milner’s husband John died in 2009 he left a house full of books, everything from  novels to books on improving brain power.

Milner has donated 133 boxes of her husband’s books, about 4,000 books, to the Friends of The Seattle Public Library, where it will be part of the library’s next book sale.

“Everyone in the family loves books,” said Milner. “They give us so much joy and it’s an honor for me to rehome John’s books. It’s amazing how many there are, you don’t know how many are tucked all over the place”

She said the 133 boxes are about half of what she eventually hopes to donate to the Friends.  John Milner was a physician and his medical books are being donated to the University of Washington.

Milner, who is moving out of her house in the Bryant neighborhood, said her husband had an eclectic selection of books, everything from philosopy, literature, motivational texts and books on how to improve memory.   She said she’s donating the books to help the Friends raise money for Seattle libraries.

She and her husband were such avid readers they wanted to visit every library in Washington and Oregon, and she said they visited about 150.

For now she is trying to pack the rest of the books for donation. “I’m incredibly blessed to have so many of John’s books rehomed.”


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