Seattle’s Five-Star Library System

Good news!  Your Seattle Public Library has received a Five-Star top rating from the Library Journal for the second consecutive year. The Journal compared nation-wide library circulation, visits, public Internet use and program attendance and found that Seattle was well above the average in these categories for similar-sized libraries across the country.  In other words: did we use our library and its services?  Yes we did! The Seattle Public Library scored very high even among the group of Five-Star systems.

What does a five-star rating mean? Think of it as a measure of a library’s return on investment. Each library dollar invested in The Seattle Public Library is outperforming expectation. Use of the library is well above the mean and dollars invested are returning a high level of civic benefit. Another way to think about the  five-star rating is to consider it as a measure of library use. In the hardship of this economy when city officials are wondering where to invest scant resources to make the greatest difference, your demand is demonstrating the need for and effectiveness of the library.

Seattle beautifully upgraded the Central Library and our entire neighborhood system in 1998 believing then that the future needed better libraries in a technological age.  In the 21st century, this visionary investment has led to a great return in civic capital.   No one could have foreseen in 1998 that our libraries would rate five stars.  They are returning every dollar we invest by meeting high levels of demand with quality service.

When we invest in libraries, we invest in the present and in generations to come.  Please join us in supporting  The Seattle Public Library.