Six-Year-Old Sends Her Allowance to Keep Libraries Open

The Friends of the Seattle Public Library recently received a letter from one of our supporters, Ani J.  The letter reads:

” Dear Library,

I want to share my allowance money so you can stay open.  I am 6 years old.  Here is $11.  (as dictated to mom, aka scribe)”

Thank you Ani!  Your contribution means so much to us.  We are happy that you use and love The Library.

If you are reading this and also want to help support The Seattle Public Library, an anonymous donor has pledged $500,000 to support The Seattle Public Library if the citizens of Seattle can raise a matching amount.  To donate, go to the Seattle Public Library Foundation website.  Let’s make a million dollars for The Library!

Another way you can help is to attend City Council budget hearings and voice your support for The Library.  Seattle is facing huge budget cuts again this year.  Come and let the Council know how valuable libraries are to our community.  For a schedule of budget hearings go the City Council’s website.


6 thoughts on “Six-Year-Old Sends Her Allowance to Keep Libraries Open

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  2. I have never been to Seattle. And – no offense to anyone who lives there or loves it – but it’s not even really a city that I have any strong desire to visit or live in.

    So, I will probably never use this library in my entire life. But I am so moved by this little girl’s gift that I am sending a check for eleven dollars to this cause from over a thousand miles away.

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