Eat, Read, Love

Westlake Center – Friday, October 1 @ Noon – Join the Friends of the Seattle Public Library at Westlake Center for a spontaneous group read flash mob!  The idea is for Seattleites to demonstrate their love for our books and our libraries.  At exactly 12:00 PM, we’ll be pulling out our books and sitting down on the spot to read.   The more people who show up and read, the greater the impact. Bring your friends and your favorite book, and show your support!


8 thoughts on “Eat, Read, Love

    1. I cant believe I missed this!!

      Can there be more read ins?
      Maybe at the locations that are actually facing budget cuts?

      The South Park Library took 100 yrs to get; it has only been
      around for a few year and it already is facing budget cuts.
      The South Park library not only serves South Park but
      Georgetown aswell.
      Every Community deserves a Library!

      If theres anymore demonstrations please let me
      know I will for sure come and pass out flyers in the
      Georgetown Pubs

  1. Great idea. Would be there but am presenting Architectural tour at Central Library at noon. Perhaps I should sit down with the visitors assembled and start reading an appropriate text from a book about the library instead of just talking…

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