Raptors, Rockets and Robots!

This week we’re highlighting 3 cool science programs in the Seattle Public Library’s Summer Reading Program:

Save Our Amazing Raptors (SOAR):  Woodland Park Zoo educators will play show and tell with  live raptors (birds of prey).  Come ask questions and see these amazing birds up close.  Click here for a list of the library branches and times where you can see this program.  For ages 5 and up.

Paper Airplanes!:  Want to learn about the science of flight from the friendly folks at the Museum of Flight? Here’s your chance to build paper airplanes, two-loop gliders and straw rockets, while learning about aerodynamics and how a plane moves and is controlled. Available at the following library branches and times.  For ages 6 and up; groups and drop-ins welcome.

Robot Challenge:  Pacific Science Center educators want to help you explore the world of robots!  You’ll get to see how scientists use robots to investigate dangerous places, and then try your hand at programming a robot.  Think you’re the champ?  Come compete in teams against other programmers at the following library branches and times to see who will earn the title of Top Robot Programmer!  For ages 12-18.


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