This is Thalia’s story. What’s yours?

In preliminary early results from our survey about library value, 28% of respondents say children or kids are the reason libraries are important or remain relevant to our communities.  That’s in the opinion of adults who filled out the survey. In this story we hear from the source. Libraries are a favorite destination for  children, as Thalia tells us in this story.
The Lake City Library
by Thalia Neufeld ( age 8 )
My favorite place in my community is the Lake City Library. I like to go there with Saige. I like it because my mom can read books that I don’t usually get to read. Like The Princesses and the Pizza and Queen of Style. It is fun to look for movies because I like some of the movies that are there. I also like it because there is a play structure behind it. I like to sit on the hmmmmm, maybe I should explain it first. So I guess it is like a bed that you can sit on and it is all cushiony with a lot of cushions on it. So I like to sit on it and look at books. I hope to take you there some day to play in the park and read a book and sit on the cushiony couch. So let’s get outside and we will go to the Lake City Library!
Do you have a favorite story about your library? Is there an especially comfy chair there? Do you play at a nearby park? Do you stop for ice cream or hot chocolate on the way? Why is the library such a great place for kids?  Send your story to and we’ll talk about posting it.

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