Thank You From the Friends of The Seattle Public Library

The Friends of The Seattle Public Library wishes to express true appreciation for all the individual and neighborhood support given to the Advocacy committee’s fall budget campaign.  Emails, letters, blogs, phone calls, over 2,000 petition signatures from Facebook and neighborhood branches, public testimony, and a successful “500 emails” campaign all raised City Council’s awareness to a new level.

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to restore $860,000 to The Seattle Public Library’s operating budget. In Mayor Nickels’ proposed 2010 budget just 5 neighborhood branches were slated to operate at 60 hours a week and the other 21 at 35 hours a week.  The restoration of $860,000 placed an additional 6 neighborhood branch libraries onto the 60 hour a week schedule – 11 branches will now be open 60 hours a week and 15 will be open 35 hours a week.  The Library’s 2010 operations budget will still be reduced by $1.77 million dollars.  All neighborhood branches will feel the effects of another one week closure of the entire system.  The impact of the revised 2010 budget on The Seattle Public Library is available on The Library website HERE.

The efforts of all those who participated in the Friends fall budget campaign served to illustrate the importance of The Seattle Public Library to the Seattle City Council.  The education of our public officials about the importance of neighborhood branch libraries couldn’t be done without your voice and the collective voices of neighborhood library supporters.

Please consider thanking council members for the bold step of partial funding restoration.  Their email addresses are:;;;;;;;;  

As Seattle residents you now have a unique educational opportunity to continue to share the importance of your neighborhood library by participating in Mayor Elect Mike McGinn’s Transition Input Survey.  The deadline to participate is Sunday, November 23rd at 6 pm.  You can fill out the survey HERE. Or share your views on the Mayor-elect’s Ideas for Seattle HERE.

You might also consider emailing incoming Seattle City Council members Mike O’Brien and Sally Bagshaw so they begin their terms understanding how important The Seattle Public Library is in Seattle’s neighborhoods.

To help further the Friends’ understanding of the diverse and dynamic ways people use their neighborhood library branches in Seattle, please take five minutes to answer our Library value survey and encourage friends and family to do the same.  Click HERE for the survey.

The Friends of The Seattle Public Library thanks you again for your involvement. While this year’s budget victory is bittersweet for many, the Friends commends you.  The Friends will look for your support to get back to the reality of Libraries for All as soon as possible.


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