Furloughs only contribute to the problem

library 045The first testimony for library issues comes from Betty D’Eugenio of Seattle Radical Women. She says our organization hopes  City Council can find alternative resources during hard budget times and change the usual path of cutting funding to libraries, human services, and community colleges. “Furloughs,” she adds, “only contribute to the problem.” People who are furloughed often need to turn to human services.

3 thoughts on “Furloughs only contribute to the problem

  1. Hi Doug-

    Thanks so much for the kudos and the phone call. I have not had a chance to call you back, but I will. In regards to the library, seems I missed all the good testimony which came after I left. I was feeling very tired with no place to go but to bed. Maybe, too much excitement.! Hah! But I did miss Mick’s testimony(OWLS Mick), and some other really good ones according to this blog. I think the Seattle Channel will rerun the
    meeting. I hope. See you, Betty

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