Can’t make Monday’s public hearing? You can telephone in your support!

The last opportunity to publicly speak to elected officials in support of The Seattle Public Library system’s hours is on Monday, Oct 26 at City Hall, 5:30!

If you’re planning to attend, rsvp to and we’ll send you background and preparatory information.  We urge you to attend. It makes a big difference.

Can’t attend? You can call in. Calls count as public testimony even though they’re not heard by the full council. The call in number is:  206-684-0481. Calls are taken by Council member Jean Godden between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. This format is more conversational, so be prepared for a followup question. This is different than the format for testimony in City Council chambers where Council members only listen.

Your support Monday will make a difference in your ability access to your library in 2010.

You can also email your comments anytime to,  though we encourage you to mail each Council member individually.

Don’t have email, prefer the telephone, or want a longer conversation with your Council members?

Tim Burgess 684-8806, Sally Clark 684-8802, Richard Conlin 684-8805, Jan Drago 684-8801, Jean Godden 684-8807, Bruce Harrell 684-8804, Nick Licata 684-8803, Richard McIver 684-8800, Tom Rasmussen 644-8808


6 thoughts on “Can’t make Monday’s public hearing? You can telephone in your support!

  1. Thanks to KUOW Conversation for hosting Seattle City Librarian, Susan Hildreth for a discussion about the proposed budget cuts to The Seattle Public Library today, Monday, October 26
    Note: To hear the discussion search the Conversation for Monday, October 26th

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