Community support for libraries on the increase

The second of three public hearings, held at the NW African American Museum, on the Mayor’s 2010 proposed budget showed increasing public awareness of the potential impacts of cuts to libraries. Eight people spoke out in support of library hours,  often citing how important libraries are to our youth. Georgia McDade told Council, “My request is that you go to any library and see how many kids are there after school because if you see those kids you’d know why you can’t close libraries on Friday or any school day.” Kevin Wildermuth told Council, “I’m here because of what I see in libraries…I consider libraries a secret social safety net.”

1014091820Board member Ed Marquez expressed neighborhood sentiments when he told Council, “South Park fought for years to get our library and it breaks our heart to see it close.”  One audience member was called forward and hadn’t expected to speak but noted that he’d been involved in tutoring projects and he urged Council to be very cautious and to think about youth when they consider library cuts. 21 of our 26 branch libraries would be closed Friday and Sunday and experience reduced hours on remaining open days if the proposed 2010 budget is adopted by City Council.  Please consider attending the final hearing to relay the concerns of your neighborhood.

How can you help?

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