Teen Advisory Board: Bringing the teen perspective to SPL

Part 1 of a 3 part series

TeenAdvisors 7 5 09Since 2006, high school students have been participating in the Teen Advisory Board at The Seattle Public Library.   What do members of the Teen Advisory Board do?  Definitely not shushing!  Teen Advisors get to read and review new teen books and manga, meet up with other advisors every other week at Central (the teen service librarians promise snacks), create their own podcasts that get published on iTunes and the teen section of The Library’s website, and volunteer at some really cool library events.  The icing on the cake for Teen Advisors is they earn community service credits needed for graduation.

The Teen Center Advisors met together to talk every Wednesday.  Students from different schools came together to talk to each other about issues.  The meeting was a good opportunity for the advisors to hear what issues were facing students throughout the city.  The Library is a safe, trustworthy and reliable environment for teens and people of all ages.  The Teen Services Librarians are always helpful and supportive without being judgmental.” ~ Tuan Tron, Teen Center Advisor alumni

Thanks to the Teen Advisory Board and Teen Service Librarians the teen perspective is kept fresh and vital at The Seattle Public Library’s teen centers.  Together they reinforce the important role libraries have for Seattle’s teens at Central and in the 26 neighborhood branchesTeen Service Librarians, and The Library as an institution, are reaching out to involve teens in their communities.

If you or somebody you know is interested in the Teen Center Advisor Program see the Teen Center Advisor Application, complete with parent’s signature, are due on or before the October 21 meeting. Accepted applicants will be notified by October 25.  If you have further questions please contact the Teen Center: e-mail teencenter@spl.org or call (206) 615-1410.

Last fall The Friends of The Seattle Public Library proudly recognized the role Teen Services played at The Seattle Public Library and in the community by providing a grant of $30,000 for this year’s 2009 teen programs.


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