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Take Our Five Minute Survey On Library Value August 27, 2009

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Friends of The Seattle Public Library seek your input. Please take a moment to answer our survey. Your responses are needed for our Neighborhood Report on library value.

What is the Neighborhood Report? Last year The Seattle Public Library celebrated the completion of the Libraries For All bond that built and rennovated our new library system. This year Friends of The Seattle Public Library is talking to our neighborhoods to understand the value these libraries are contributing to business, organizations and people who enjoy or depend on library services. We want to include your voice. Some responses will be quoted in our Neighborhood Report that we’ll present to city leaders and elected officials in coming weeks.

Take the survey  and please pass it on to your friends and family.

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14 Responses to “Take Our Five Minute Survey On Library Value”

  1. Anne Gilbert Says:

    This survey is short and to the point. When I took it, I tried to put into a short, succinct form, why libraries are indispensible to our community(and other communities as well).
    Anne G

  2. […] up the topic to the city as well as the Friends of Seattle Public Library. In addition, they have a blog post about this subject to see for your opinion regarding the week break. Here is the direct link to the […]

  3. Shawn Risley Says:

    The local King County Library was busy last night. A dog of mine had to be put to sleep recently, and I just had to have a few dog-friendly books to dive into last night. It was odd to drive past my usual library and its larger collection and know I couldn’t visit it for almost a week. I was able to find a teen’s version of Marley and me, and was grateful for that, but missed the sense of community in my usual library.

    • reader Says:

      Hey Thanks for the reply Shawn,
      That’s sad news about you dog. I’m glad King County had some dog-friendly books to dive into.

  4. Anne Gilbert Says:

    Sarel and all:

    I did write a long blog on August 31 about this. You can view it here:

    I believe I also linked back here, to a post about the comments on this situation, on that same post. In any case, you all should feel free to take a look at my post. I will post entries on my blog from time to time, about the library sistuation, because I really want to raise awareness everywhere, about the things that are happening to libraries and other essential services, and the present woes of our library system is a perfectly good place to begin.

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  10. […] are gathering places and  learning places, not just places to borrow books.  In our library value survey, 28% of you cited kids as the primary reason libraries will remain relevant.  From storytime to […]

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