Meeting our Neighbors in Ballard Library

Kerri Jablonski and her son Sebastian visit Ballard branch a few times a week. She joins  1/4 million other people who’ve visited the branch this year.  Each visitor comes with unique needs or interests. In this third profile of the neighbors we meet at our libraries, Kerri tell us why the library is important to her:

I was a library volunteer many years ago in school, so I’m a big fan of the library. I still think libraries are important.

Sebby%20Goodnight[1]We use the Ballard Branch because it is a convenient walking distance from our home. [Walkscore for Ballard Library: 97] I love the Ballard Branch, it is always busy and everyone who works and volunteers there is very nice and easy to work with. It creates a welcoming environment. We go to the library for books, music and movies. Who knew you could find recent movies at the library?!! I also love that I am able to search and reserve books online, its very convenient for me as a mom that I can do this at home. We also like storytime. This is a picture of my son Sebastian listening to Daddy read a story.

While I am a fan of technology (it is how I make my living), I feel that it doesn’t replace reading a book, turning pages, or looking at pictures. Google doesn’t teach you to read or appreciate books and I’m a little cynical when it comes to google books. When it comes to reading Sebastian a bedtime story, there is nothing cozy about sitting in his bed with him and a laptop! I want Sebastian to enjoy books like I do, picking them up at a moments notice to enjoy. You can’t read google books if the power is out, but you can read your book from the library.


Why do you use your neighborhood library? Tell us your story.  Send an email to


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