Library computer access helps families find jobs

lisangeneva[1]This is the second in a series of posts about our neighbors and how they’re using the library.  In this profile the Herreras talk about a time when library computer access was their lifeline. Library computer access  is essential for many people looking for work or wanting to stay in touch with culture and family.  The Herreras live with their daughter in Lake City. Lisa Herrera writes:
Our family visits the Lake City Branch. We visit weekly. My daughter loves Storytimes. What she seems to like most about it is the lively manner in which the stories are read and being around other children.The animated style of storytelling captures her attention, so I use a similar style at home when reading to her.
Up until a few months ago, the library was the only way for us to access the Internet and we visited daily.  We used the library’s internet to communicate with friends & family regularly. We also searched for health information regarding my pregnancy and infant care guidance.  We found our housing and current  jobs on Craigslist while using the libraries computers!  We also listened to music from around the world and watched videos on you tube.  I  love the music and movie selection at the library, why waste time/money on video rental or record purchases when the same selections are available for FREE at the library?

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