Meeting our neighbors in the library


We see people from all walks of life when we visit our libraries.  Library resources serve many purposes and help businesses, organizations, families and individuals. With this post we’re beginning a series of profiles about the people you see in your library and  how the library enhances and supports  lives and goals.  Liz White and her family visit Broadview branch. Her children are participating in Summer Reading. Since filling up their first reading lists both girls have read 80 books this summer. At this writing more than 4,000 children have signed up to participate in the the city wide Summer Reading program. Liz is currently reading craft books from the library to supplement her hobbies of beading and sewing. She writes:

I am extremely grateful for our community library.  My twin daughters, aged 7, go through about a dozen chapter books a week, and the Broadview Library is an important biweekly destination for us.  They get so absorbed in reading, and love to tell us all about the books when they are finished.  My husband takes the girls once a week to the library where he catches up on magazines we can’t afford to subscribe to.  I also take the girls once a week, browse the New Releases, and browse the Children’s books.  The girls make their own selections of books they will read on their own.  My husband and I choose a variety of children’s books to read to them, such as international folk tales; we really liked Nelson Mandela’s story collection.  I  also enjoy borrowing CDs.


Got a picture and a story? What does the library mean to you?


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