Got a Question?

Got a Question? Google is a window for the seeking mind’s eye. Through it is a world of information. Libraries, however, offer both online windows and doors .  For some, opening the door is preferable to peering through a window.  That’s why over 3 million people walked into a Seattle library this year.

Libraries “translate questions into ideas and resources,”  says Secret Garden Bookshop owner, Christy McDanold.  Ask a librarian! Over 460,00 people did this year.  Librarians are available in branch libraries, via email and telephone, or live in 24/7 chat Wondering what it’s like to ask your questions via email or chat? Here are some comments from people who tried:

(chat format) This is a great service. With two small children it is very hard to go into the library and ask about materials I need to find. I will definitely be using this service again!!

(chat format)  it was way easier than i thought! andi think i willl be using it all the time now!

(email format) Thanks for the clear and concise response. It was exactly the info I needed and arrived in an amazingly short time. The people it directed me to were indeed the ones who knew how to help me.

(email format)  You found for me in less than a week what I had been looking for over a year.


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