Book Loving Dads – Tell Us About Yours!

51108BookSaleShopperThis Sunday, June 21st, is Father’s Day.  Having a father who loves books can sometimes make shopping for Father’s Day easier, but sometimes not.  Collector Dads might have a very specific title in mind or just know it when they see it.  Dads turning to books to enrich their everyday experiences might, depending on the topic, have an overwhelming number of titles to choose from or one or two.  How to find the right book for Dad?  Maybe you’ve got a great story for us?  Read on for tips and share a story in the comments.

If you are shopping for the Dad looking to learn more about any and all subject matter, try the old fashioned method of asking a librarian.  If you can’t get to a branch to ask in person, The Seattle Public Library has got options for you.  Email your questions to SPL librarians, phone the SPL Quick Information Center at 206-386-4636 or contact live chat help online in English and Spanish(24/7, 365 days a year).  What you get is personal service from a person whose job it is to know books, maybe even better than Dad.

Collector Dads will be happy to wait one more week for their gift if you promise to take them to the mini book sale the Friends are planning.  There will be a mini-book sale held in conjunction with the Best of the Northwest event at Magnuson Park from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, June 27-28.  The Friends will have a booth at the event.  Admission is free.   And of course you could always renew Dad’s Friends membership, or buy him a new one, for the BIG Booksale coming up on September 25 – 27th.

And of course, for the Dad who has all the books he needs (is there such a Dad?) head on down to the FriendShop at Central where the Friends have all manner of book related merchandise. With all of these choices you can assure yourself and your Dad that it’s not just a gift for Father’s Day, it’s a gift to The Seattle Public Library itself.  Telling others about Library services helps The Library spread the word about its fantastic services.  The Friends use the proceeds from the BookSale and FriendShop to give grants to The Seattle Public Library and The Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Tell us about your book loving Dad, it’s a tribute he’ll appreciate.  Happy, happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Book Loving Dads – Tell Us About Yours!

  1. I just used the “Email A Librarian” service for my dad’s father’s day gift. He and my mom are traveling to Japan in the fall for the first time. They are familiar with the culture via my brother’s many travels and they also took an overview of Japanese History class a their local state college. I found a couple of good books for my mom for Mother’s Day, both from a woman’s perspective. Finding books from a man’s perspective was proving harder than I’d thought. When I was bemoaning my fruitless efforts a friend of mine suggested I try emailing a librarian.

    I emailed that I wanted books written from a male perspective in the non-fiction and historical fiction generes. Heard back a couple of days later and got some great suggestions for non-fiction, but seemed like all the historical fiction were mysteries so asked for a specificly Japanese author and got another list of books the next day. The librarian also included the Kirkus reviews of all the books she recommended, which made it such a valuable list.

    It was a great experience for me and I could really tell the librarian who answered my question knew her authors well. The two books I just sent off to my dad today were: “Shipwrecks” by Akira Yoshimura and “Chronicles of My Life: An American in the Heart of Japan” by Donald Keene. I’m going to send my dad a copy of the email so he can check out the other titles I was sent too.

    I really encourage others to try this service!

  2. I too will be sending my father books by another Japanese author in Haruki Murakami. Not because he is trsvelling but because Murakami has a very unique and distinct style that i think my father would like. It has always been difficult trying to find the right book for him given his specific taste in books but, fingers crossed, he’s going to love them.

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