Bloggers and the library budget

When local media reported The Seattle Public Library’s budget woes, bloggers responded.  In a short note, the American Library Association blog reported the losses in Seattle and gave readers the history of local library closures.

Neighborhood blogs across the city posted the news about potential local library impact and let neighbors know how to help.

Friends members who were actively involved in response to the budget blogged about their involvement.  Check out  The Writers Daily Grind and Libraries, Comics, and Me to get a sense of their experience.

In the entry, libraries and librarians in today’s world, bloggers at note that Comments by readers of a Seattle Times article reporting on the mayor’s announcement came out strongly in support of the library.

But other bloggers simply talked about the value of the library. told readers: ” …we should all make an effort to read – for the brain as much as for the soul… [if you’re] feeling the crunch of the Great Recession, visit your local library. Better yet, since most Seattle neighborhoods have their own, you can walk! This is sustainable living at it’s best.”

Meanwhile, rave reviews of Central library continued to pour in on Yelp. A vistor from Oakland writes:  “Any student/citizen of Seattle is very lucky to have this in their city. It is beautiful and I’m sure it makes people LOVE to read and visit often. This is brains and beauty all in one!”

Please stay tuned to local blogs for current library news and views. The decision to close our libraries for one week in August may be irreversible in 2009, but deliberations on the troublesome anticipated budget shortfalls for 2010 are already beginning and your library support will  be needed throughout the process.


One thought on “Bloggers and the library budget

  1. Thanks for mntioning my blogThe Writer’s Daily Grind, in connection with “library problems”. I don’t cover the Seattle Public Library all the time, but whenever anything significant comes up, I will post something about it. I do have my opinions about what is going on with the Seattpe Public Library System!

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