Petitioning outside my Greenwood library?

gwd Patrons going to the Greenwood library or passing by the library  between four and six p.m. April 9th all saw the woman standing on the sidewalk talking with people and asking them to sign something. Who was it and what was it all about?

It was  Sarel Rowe from Friends of The Seattle Public Library and she was urging library supporters to sign a petition asking elected officials to preserve library funding.  She said, “To my knowledge we’ve never petitioned outside libraries.” So why now? ” Last week we heard a Councilmember say that libraries were part of a trio of services that were expected to shoulder a ‘painful share’ of upcoming budget cuts and that sent us out to the streets. Having a passion for libraries can lead you to do some pretty remarkable things.”

She collected about 65 signatures in two hours. Most people stopped and talked with her. What did she think of Greenwood passersby? “Everyone was very kind and interested. Most people didn’t seem to know that their library was in danger of budget cuts that could impact hours or services. Unfortunately we don’t have enough volunteers to come back here again. I think people want to know how to protect their branch library.” If you would like to help Friends of The Seattle Public Library email them at

Seattle City Council is cutting 43 million dollars from the new 2009 City budget. It’s unknown as yet what services will be cut. The Greenwood petition will be presented at a morning meeting in City Council Chambers on 13 April. If you’d like to attend email If you didn’t get a chance to sign the petition but want to show your library support you can email your councilmembers:,,,,,,,,


One thought on “Petitioning outside my Greenwood library?

  1. Queen Anne patrons have their chance to sign the petition tomorrow, Saturday, April 11th, outside of Queen Anne Library from 10 am to 12 noon.

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