Budget Gap up to 43 Million

Friends of The Seattle Public Library, library supporters, and Facebook members who joined the cause of Friends of The Seattle Public Library are coming together to tell elected officials why library funding needs to be preserved. Turnout at city council budget meetings is encouraging. We’ve had strong showings at the first two meetings. Please try to join us at the last two meetings: April 13 and April 20 at 10:30 a.m. in City Council chambers. RSVP to advocacy@friendsofspl.org

If you can’t join us at an event, please email your councilmembers and ask them to preserve library funding. That’s all you need to say. If you’d like to be more informed or articulate, peruse this blog. You’ll find the testimony of fellow supporters, statistics, and talking points. The budget gap is now 43 million dollars. Cuts are coming. One councilmember expects the library to be part of a threesome of services that’s hit the hardest. Your emails of support make a difference. jean.godden@seattle.gov, bruce.harrell@seattle.gov, tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov, richard.mciver@seattle.gov, jan.drago@seattle.gov, richard.conlin@seattle.gov, tim.burgess@seattle.gov, sally.clark@seattle.gov, nick.licata@seattle.gov

Please help the library stay strong and vibrant. Neighborhood by neighborhood, our libraries provide a city wide network for resource and service distribution to our most vulnerable groups: children, teens, seniors, job-seekers, immigrants, unemployed, homeless, financially strapped families, displaced and disenfranchised individuals. For many Seattle citizens, libraries are not just a simple enjoyment or a way to save money –they’re a necessity.


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