Ianne’s testimony to City Council

ianne20smyer1My branch is Capitol Hill.  Thank you for your terrific support of our library. 

Our library usage has sharply increased.  Our 14 computers are harder to reserve.  Tables are full of personal laptops connected to the library’s free internet service.  
I realized what was happening when I walked past a computer and the large banner of an online Unemployment Insurance Form caught my eye.  A man in his mid 40’s was filling out the form, in the middle of the library.  A woman with a young child on her lap searched a web page of children’s clothing, 50 to 70% off.  One day, a college age woman’s resume got my attention; it was blue, her name was bright red.  Another day, a very senior citizen was reading the Mariners’ summer jobs press release.   
Connecting the dots:  Jobs are advertised on line and applications are submitted on line.  Those with no computer or internet service at home are stuck.  They’re cut off.
Today’s library is part of our social safety net.  It’s the only place critical resources are available to all.
Please continue your support.  
Please email Councilmember’s today asking them to preserve the library budget. Libraries are essential. Your voice makes a difference. Councilmember emails: jean.godden@seattle.gov, richard.mciver@seattle.gov, bruce.harrell@seattle.gov, sally.clark@seattle.gov, tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov, jan.drago@seattle.gov, nick.licata@seattle.gov, tim.burgess@seattle.gov, richard.conlin@seattle.gov

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