What library supporters are saying

Anne simply says: I use the University branch for research. Something that’s been bothering me is the question: are library services and hours going to be cut?  If hours, staff, or services are cut it would have a negative impact on many people. Library services are not a luxury they are essential services.

Cindy says: I use several libraries. Use is increasing. Computers are being utilized for job search. Please keep library hours and services the way they are.

Ianne says: I use capital hill library. Table tops are full of laptops and computers are full.  Libraries are part of the social safety net.

Linda the president of Friends of the Library asks council to remember that the library isn’t a luxury. Tough economic times prove the essential nature of the library.

Joan says she uses Magnolia library and volunteers for the library. She says that young kids at the Global reading challenge (a program for 4th and 5th graders) read books with the enthusiasm of people watching sports. She asks that the Council keep funding at current levels.

Tony says use of the library has exceeded expectation. He says libraries are a public private partnership and urges Council to maintain current funding.

Pat says there’s a strong relationship between libraries and school education. She urges support for libraries.


One thought on “What library supporters are saying

  1. All well said. I haven’t visited my branch on any day when there is a single computer available! The Library saves me so much money every year. Buying a book, renting a DVD, attending programs and events – I can’t even begin to put a total monetary value on all that!

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