Do you Chinook Book?

chinook-book-seattle-09That is to say, do you know about the great Chinook Book produced by  This green discount book is filled with over 300 coupons to stores in your Seattle neighborhood.  The FriendShop is included in this community program with a coupon on page C-260 as well as an ad on the homepage.  Stop by the shop or order online from the FriendShop while supplies last.


One thought on “Do you Chinook Book?

  1. I would just like to add a quick user comment here. I have been buying Chinook books (multiples per year!) since I moved to Seattle. The grocery coupons alone can triple or quadruple the value of the book. I used my FriendShop coupon to get all of my holiday gifts last year and saved a bundle while supporting the library at the same time. My husband and I used the companion fare ticket (buy one, get one free on Amtrak) to visit his folks in Eugene and saved $115. Using the coupons in this book also helps to introduce you to new green and local businesses that you may not have thought of before. And may I also add, it makes a fantastic gift for those on your list on a budget. Get yours at the FriendShop and support the library at the same time!

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