Budget Round 1

Councilmember Licata

Seattle City Council discussed Councilmember Nick Licata’s proposed increase of 800,000 to both 2009 and 2010 proposed library collections budgets on Monday, November 3, 2008. According to the Councilmember’s legislative aide, Frank Video, there seemed to be broad based Council support for this proposal. A final vote is pending. Your continued emails in support of Councilmember Licata’s proposal are still needed and will be needed until Council votes. Your email can be very short and simple. For example:
Dear Councilmember,
I support Councilmember Licata’s proposed increase to the Library collections budget.
Thank you.

Councilmember E-mails: jean.godden@seattle.gov, tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov, bruce.harrell@seattle.gov, tim.burgess@seattle.gov, jan.drago@seattle.gov, richard.conlin@seattle.gov, nick.licata@seattle.gov, sally.clark@seattle.gov, richard.mciver@seattle.gov

Friends of The Seattle Public Library asked Councilmember Licata why he felt that libraries are so important to support this year. He said, “In the rough waters of our economy, The Seattle Public Library is a life raft for those needing free internet access to submit resumes for employment. This vital service is provided by no other institution.” Free Wi-Fi access and more than 1,000 computers are available in Seattle’s libraries.

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