Final Public Hearing Tonite!

Kevin and Ken at City Hall
Kevin and Ken at City Hall

It’s four o’ clock on 27 October and lines are beginning to form at City Hall. People are coming here on a beautiful day to talk to their Councilmembers about the proposed budget for 2009-2010. The sun is shining on everyone that’s here to participate in democracy. Join us!

Pictured here are two library patrons that have come down to tell Councilmembers about the importance of library collections in their lives. They will ask Council to increase the library’s proposed collections budget. There is a 2.2 million dollar gap in this year’s proposed collections budget.

Public Hearings are interesting. If you’ve never been to City Hall. Enter on Fifth ave between Cherry and James. You can park in the Sea Park Garage just up the street. Parking is just $3.00 if you’ve been at the hearing.

There are so many economic issues in the world today that we can’t do anything about but this is a concern you can impact simply by showing up. Please come down tonite and tell your Councilmembers that you support an increase in the Library’s collections budget.


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