Please support an increased library collections budget

There are so many reasons to support strong funding of library collections. The collections budget funds everything from computer replacements to DVD’s, books and magazines, and subscription databases.

Library books and resources are in demand for a growing number of reasons. Library books and e-books are becoming increasingly important in the quest for greener lifestyles. Here’s a post from Ideal Bite :  As an aspiring environmental bibliophile, I do try to use the library (ask about inter-library loans . . ).  Libraries are both “the ultimate in recycling and an important community resource.”

Library books are part of our everyday discussions. This chart from Technorati tracks how library books have become a thriving part of online discussion. 

City Council is considering the proposed library collections budget right now. Mayor Nickels added $500,000 for the Library’s collections budget for 2009, bringing it to a total of $5.6 million. However, the ideal collections budget determined by the Library at the Council’s request is $7.8. This proposed collections budget is at the same purchasing power level as 2001, after adjusting for inflation, and cuts in the early 2000’s. The Library needs $2.2 million to fill the gap.  Please email Councilmembers in support of a collections budget increase of 2.2 million. Important decisions are being made now through the end of October and your voice makes a difference.  Council member emails:,,,,,,,,


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