Join us at Council Chambers on October 27th

Want to know more about local governance? Interested in making a difference for libraries? Maybe you’re a library enthusiast looking for practice with public speaking.  Calling all library supporters: join Friends of The Seattle Public LIbrary at Council Chambers on Oct 27th. This is our final opportunity to tell Councilmembers about the importance of increasing the library collections budget. Your presence makes a difference.

The hearing is at City Hall Council Chambers, Floor 2 City Hall, 600 4th Avenue. Signups for speaking start at 5.  This is the last of two hearings and it will probably be attended by many interest groups. Lines to sign up to speak tend to form around 3 on the marble steps that climb to the chambers. Each individual speaker has 2 minutes to testify.  If you arrive at 3:30 you’ll probably speak around 7. If you arrive at 4 you may speak by 8. For more information on this hearing and parking in the area visit Seattle City Council’s budget pages. Please to


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