In Neighborhoods and District Councils collections rank high

Here’s what Tony had to say,

“Hello, my name is Tony.  I live in the Ravenna Wedgewood are and I use the Lake City and Northeast branch.

I’m here as a Friend of the Library to thank you for support of our libraries and the communities who rely on them and to ask for your support once again.

I’m concerned that the proposed budget for the Library’s collections of books and materials is 2.2 million dollars below the amount that is actually needed.

From my meeting with Neighborhood District Councils and other members of the community the single most important concern expressed was the lack of adequate collections and materials and the overly long wait times for materials.

Since the start of the Libraries For All project the Library system and it’s circulation have doubled. Yet the library’s books and materials budget is no better than it was in 2001 because of repeated reductions combined with the impact of inflation.

The Library’s ideal books and materials budget is 7.8 million. The 2009 proposed budget only provides 5.6 million. The library needs 2.2 million to fill the gap.

Besides adding popular titles and purchasing additional copies, the library is buying more media formats, purchasing electronic databases, and buying more foreign language materials to serve a growing Immigrant and Refugee population.

With a weakening economy, more people are borrowing and using materials rather than purchasing them. They’re using the libraries to search for jobs, apply for social services, learn to read, learn English, and use computers for access to the Internet.

We need to ensure that our library resources are available to people when they need them most. We need 2.2 million dollars added to the library’s collections budget.  Thank you.


The next opportunity to speak to City Council is Oct 27 at 5:30. Please consider telling your Councilmembers why you believe collections dollars need to be increased.  You can enter “official testimony” in person after 5:30 or by telephone and email between 4:30 and 5:30. Join us at the hearings or help us right now. Here’s how:

The library’s collections budget is 2.2 million dollars short of projected needs. Please ask City Council to increase the collections budget to meet neighborhood demand. Tell them your name, the branch library you use, what you use the library for, and why you think the collections budget should be increased. Councilmember emails:,,,,,,,, 

For more information or ideas on other ways you could help:


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