FriendShop has it in the bag!

Thanks to one of our customers, Jan G., the FriendShop is now reducing the need for plastic shopping bags even more.  Earlier this year Jan visited the Amersterdam street fairs and was handed her purchase in a lovely, hand-stiched, recycled magazine-folded page for her item. 

Jan made the FriendShop an array of bags of which we use for small purchases of postcards, jewelry and fun little trinkets. 

Customers love the bags and now love them even more as the library is providing the shop with posters after events are over, dated newsletters and any other what-would-have-gone-in-the-recycle-bin paper we can find. 

Thank you Jan for bringing this fabulous idea to the FriendShop!

9 thoughts on “FriendShop has it in the bag!

  1. You don’t have to feel “green-guilt” with this kind of bag for your small purchases…..and they are a little work of art!

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