Join us at the Public Hearing Oct 8, 5:30, City Hall

The first of two public hearings is tomorrow, at City Hall, at 5:30. Park at the Sea Park structure across from City Hall and they will only charge you 3$ if you tell them you were there for the hearing. Please join us. If you can speak to the issue of the importance of collections consider coming down to lend your voice of support to The Seattle Public Library. Speakers sign in first come, first serve. Each speaker has 2 minutes when he/she is called to the front.

I first spoke to the Council four years ago. It was surprisingly easy. Your back is to the audience and Council members are patient usually attentative listeners. Sometimes the hearings run 3-4 hours, It’s admirable that they can listen for so long to so many. I love the hearings. Democracy is in action and people from every walk of life attend. In that way it resembles the egalitarian environment of the library. It’s an exciting night and an opportunity to see what matters to people.

There is a second hearing on the 27th of October. Important decisions are being made about the library’s resources this month. If you can’t come down to city hall then please email city council between the hours of 4:30 and 5:30. Every email recieved at during that time will be considered “official testimony.”


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