First in line

Tonite is the first Public Hearing on the Mayor’s proposed budget. Tony, a Friend of The Seattle Public Library, came to City Hall at 3 pm to stand in line  to testify to Council members that neighborhoods in this City need a fully funded collections budget. The Mayor’s proposed budget is 2.2 million dollars short of the Library’s projected need. 

I asked Tony to tell me why he came here so early to testify on the need for collections. He said,  “It’s important for the community at large and all our neighborhoods to understand that there is a big gap in library funding. I’m expressing a sentiment that I’ve heard around town in District Council meetings that library collections need to be expanded not contracted and that even at current levels of funding the needs aren’t being met.” 

You don’t have to come down to City Hall to enter your testimony. You can email City Council today between 4:30 and 5:30 at Please, if you can email in that hour, tell City Council which branch you use and why you think collections need to be fully funded.


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