A strong library needs a strong voice of support

How many books and ebooks can our library buy next year? The mayor unveiled his proposed library budget on Sept 29 and his answer is: about 1.75 million dollars less than the library was able to buy this year.  Wow. What do you think? Let’s hear from those of you that turn to the library for eco living, let’s get the input of everyone of you that loves your neighborhood library, let’s hear the voice of people turning to library resources because of hard times. There’ve probably been times that you’ve needed the library. Right now the library needs you.

There are two very important public hearings at City Hall this month: October 8th and October 27th. Friends of The Seattle Public Library needs someone from every branch library to stand up and say why collections and libraries are so important to their neighborhood and lifestyle.  Can you speak on behalf of your favorite library branch? For more information or to r.s.v. p: advocacy@splfriends.org Can’t come down to City Hall? You can still enter “official testimony” by calling   (206) 684-0481   or emailing council.live@seattle.gov between 4:30 and 5:30 Oct. 8 or Oct. 27 A strong library needs a strong voice of support. Will elected officials hear yours?


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