Let it be known: The Seattle Public Library Staff ROCKS!


The Seattle Public Library staff IS The Library.  These are the people who make Seattle‘s beautiful Libraries for All buildings expansive, personal and meaningful on a daily basis for the neighborhoods they serve and for the entire city of Seattle.


Please join the Friends board members in written tribute to the inspirational service The SPL staff brings to Seattle neighborhoods and the entire city.  Thank You to The Seattle Public Library’s rocking staff!


5 thoughts on “Let it be known: The Seattle Public Library Staff ROCKS!

  1. Thank you for writing this. I can not imagine 710 more dedicated individuals all working together to making Seattle better and stronger through providing extraordinary library service. And it’s not just the people you see in the public areas. There are staff who plant flowers, prepare books for checkout, install computers, clean our buildings, deliver books, pay bills – hundreds of staff who are never seen but also totally ROCK! Seattle is lucky to have such amazing committed library staff.

  2. I am fortunate to have a neighborhood branch very close to my house. I love it that the staff there knows my children’s names, say hi and give the time and energy to helping me and my children when we need help finding a resource.

    I also use spl.org a ton. Without spl.org as my “second branch” I’d never make it out of the children’s section at my neighborhood branch. I SO appreciate the staff that makes spl.org possible and the entire hold system possible.

    I just can’t imagine life without the help of those 710 staff (thanks Deborah for the number). YOU GUYS ROCK : )

  3. I agree that the staff truly are the heart of the library. They are smart, good natured, helpful, resourceful, and open minded. They seem to really believe what my mother always told me, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” and are pleased to help me find the answers I need. I moved to Seattle with very young children, and whether it’s helping a child find the right book, or teaching me how to use the online catalogues, their service is exceptional. And visiting most of the newly renovated branches over the last ten years, I see that the neighborhoods all feel the same way. Way to go!

  4. My library staff knows the families and kids that come in and they greet them and answer questions in their first language and that’s so cool. I see people who don’t yet speak English getting assistance and signing up for new library cards and discovering that Seattle offers resources and information free to all people who live here. Without that kind of caring and reaching out and the friendly connections that librarians offer the neighborhood we’d be a less vibrant city. Thanks to all the library staff at The Seattle Public Library for making neighborhoods a warmer and happier place.

  5. The staff is tireless, and endlessly patient with even the dullest among us, myself included. I think it is disgusting that the City Administrators look first to the librarian’s backs when there is a fiscal burden to be borne. Shameful and disgusting.
    When does the Mayor take a ‘no pay’ day?
    When do any of them give up their parking and/or car privileges for a month?
    These library workers are the cops and firemen for the mind.
    they should be handsomely rewarded, not punished.

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