Post A Tribute To Your Favorite Lady….

Hi Everyone!

There’s still time to celebrate Mother’s Day by posting an online tribute honoring the women in your lives who inspired you to read, appreciate books or taught you how to tell a great yarn!

Mother’s Day is coming up—May 11th! *gulp* ordered those flowers yet? *double-gulp*

Post a tribute about the women in your life that inspired you to read. With each online tribute, you’ll also be spreading empowerment and stories of educational opportunity to women everywhere! Honor a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife. Honor anyone who’s inspired and empowered you, and let the world know how much you appreciate her for it.

And then…get a little something from the Friendshop!


6 thoughts on “Post A Tribute To Your Favorite Lady….

  1. My Mom always knew the perfect book to recommend to me at every age. Whether it was Goodnight Moon or Faerie picture books it was always a fun discovery. Childcraft Encylopdias and the year I got a one year membership to National Geographic – was like hitting the jackpot!

    …I always felt like I was graduating from one adventure to the next. Trumpet Of The Swan, Diary of Anne Frank, Little Women, Picture Of Dorian Grey…I definately get my interest in books and poetry from her.

  2. My Mom is a voracious reader. She always read to me when I was little and now she is passing along the love of reading to my niece and nephew. It is so fun to share books within a family!

  3. It’s great to see my Mom reading to my son and daughter, especially when she reads a book from my own childhood. Reading is such a wonderful gift for both child and parent or child and grandparent.

    Now my Mom and I always chat about what we’re reading when we talk on the phone. We have also have a connection with our Library volunteer work. She at the tiny library I grew up with and me for FOSPL.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

  4. My mother always encouraged me to read anything that interested me. In junior high I wanted to check out Don Quixote from the school library and the librarian called her for permission. They only thing she said to me about it was, “If I have to give permission, why is it in the library?” The next year I read her copy of Exodus.

    Now we don’t have the same taste in books but I am grateful that she did pass on her love of reading.

  5. Mrs. Grossman, my third grade teacher was a big influence. She had us build dioramas out of shoe boxes for each chapter of Trumpet Of The Swan.

    To ease some anxiety I had in high school about what I felt I needed to learn once I was out on my own, my Dad gave me a copy of Ben Franklin’s Autobiography. To this day, there isn’t one business book on the best seller list that doesn’t borrow heavily from Ben Franklin.

  6. My mother used to read to me every night before I went to sleep, before I could read, which started a long tradition of reading before bed. My grandmother used to always have me read to her when I was little, so all the women passed on a love of books that continues in our house to the present day.

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