Meeting Diane Cowles in Breacon Hill…

A little bit ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with Diane Cowles, librarian of the Beacon Hill Branch. I love hearing about various branches from those who work there and know them best. I always learn something new!



Diane Cowles


Beacon Hill Branch 


What is your favorite word?  



What word do you wish you had made up?   


How did you become librarian of your branch?   


When Beacon Hill was a Station Library, I was the only librarian there when the SPLASH after school program was initiated.  I’ve loved the Beacon Hill neighborhood so much I haven’t left since.

What is on your desk right now?


Notebooks, photos, files, receipts, calendar, books and more books.

Tell us about your library.


The Beacon Hill Library is brand new and definitely an improvement from the old storefront building that used to be a store, in which we were housed since 1962. 

The new building has become the community’s living room, attracting multi-ethnic mix that is Beacon Hill.  Likewise, we welcome new immigrant families to a variety of ESL and cultural programs. 

How long have you been at the branch? 


18 years 

What other posts do you hold in your community?

Advisory Board of Helping Link

What is the biggest impact the capitol campaign has had on your branch?


It has brought us a brand new beautiful building that provides the neighborhood with many new features, such as space for a bigger, deeper collection, meeting rooms, and many more computers.

How does your relationship with the community affect your programming?   


I have been a constant presence at the 4 elementary schools and Jefferson Community Center over the years, so have come to know a great many families that way.  Getting to know first hand the issues that affect immigrant and established families on Beacon Hill has made me sympathetic/empathic and consequently, our programming tries to help and inspire as much as possible.


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