A Special Thank You To Our Volunteers

Thanks to the best volunteers in Seattle, the Friends had a banner year in 2007. Our fundraising activities, through the Book Sales at Magnuson Park and the FriendShop at the Central Library, were the best ever.  We were able to grant the Library more than $116,000 in four areas including immigrant and refugee outreach and the new adult summer reading program.  And our fundraisers added a warm human face to the Friends, giving people the chance to buy great books at great prices at the Book Sale, and to enjoy the Gift Shop of the Year (nwsource.com) at our FriendShop.  For those who couldn’t attend, we added e-commerce options.We worked creatively to engage the city council in support of an increased materials budget for the Library. 

Our testimony at public hearings, signs, collaboration with community groups, letters, emails and telephone calls helped the council reach consensus on adding $2 million to the Library’s materials budget.We found new ways to tell our story to the public and our members.  The Bookmark; the website, was updated, and we started an e-newsletter, Among Friends. We also helped staff the Libraries for All celebrations reopening branches in 2007.       

No wonder the mayor proclaimed October 23-28 as Friends of the Seattle Public Library Week! 


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