Broadview Opening Follow Up

broadview.jpg So a few of The Friends and I went to the opening of the Broadview Library and ran into Kathy Teufel, a most wonderful lady from the Greenwood Branch. She shared her pictures with me from the event. There was quite an impressive turnout! There was some debate among the little ones whether all the fuss was about the new library, or Lulu showing up.
2007_1206terrierpartymarion900062.jpg Kathy told me that she was taking pictures to show Marion Parker, a 90-year old librarian at The Seattle Public Library until 1980. Marion worked to order the adult collection for the first Broadview Library which opened December 15, 1975. Marion now lives in a retirement home on Queen Anne Hill and she was unable to make the event in person. Marion is ever still the librarian, loves to read and is a frequent patron of the Bookmobile service. Kathy is happily busy keeping ahead of her many book requests.

Here is a link to the Broadview web page (click on the links on the page to see more pictures from the new opening).

 Other links:
Marion’s Birthday Party 
behind the scenes shots of the Broadview Staff party


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