Drum Roll, if you please.

Members of our group jokingly said our first blog entry needed a mission statement and a sentence or two about my our philosophy. No wonder people are so intimidated to start these things! It’s a lot of pressure, but here goes:

We are a bunch of city-living Seattle-ites from all over. The kind that love rare books, fairie tales, a good mystery on a rainy day, warm cats that prohibit movement when you want more tea, bookstores with creaky floors, deep moments of realization among the stacks in the library, people who remember the excitement on getting their first library card and the nervousness of their first term paper, and gorgeous buildings like the Seattle Public Library and all its new branches.  We love cookbooks, magazines, how to articles, who dunnit books, projects involving home design, and the art of ritual.  Throw in some lovely gifties from the FriendShop, a mocha from the Cafe, and we are a happy bunch.  

Since all good things are better if you share them – We post the things we love: our booklists, factoids about the library and its librarians and goings on about what’s going on in the stacks of the Seattle Public Library. 


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