Members Talk To City Council

Friends members spoke to City Council abount the important role libraries play in our local communities.
Board members including president Mimi Winslow spoke at the Ballard community meeting. Winslow emphasized that the Library is the most egalitarian choice Councilmembers can make in a tough budget year. The Library offers free and equal information access to every walk of life, every culture and all ethnicities.
Advocacy Chair Sarel Rowe stated that libraries anchor and strengthen our neighborhoods. Citing an economic benefits study on the Central library published in 2005, she concluded that libraries enhance our residential experience in dense mixed use neighborhoods. As Seattle grows and adds more dense and mixed use structures this value grows in importance.
Deborah Prince talked about a friend who relies on the library for audio books and Braille materials and emphasized how many others are dependent on the library for their information needs.
Ed Marquez noted that the library is a great resource to empower citizens and has the power to improve one’s lot in life.


West Seattle Friend of the Library, Julie Enevoldsen, said she worries that the progress the library made in expansion will be wasted if there isn’t an increase in hours to make the library more accessible.
Charlene Khan talked about her family’s frequent use of the library and asked that the bookmobile continue to be supported. She said she loves the downtown library’s architecture and hoped the Council would continue to support libraries because they civilize our community by providing open access to all peoples.
Toni Reineke is a teacher who has been a library patron for 56 years. She estimates the value of all she’s borrowed from the library at $36-42,000 and is grateful for this enriching institution.
Long time Friend of the Library Keo Capestany told council members the only reason he could imagine there wasn’t more library support at the Rainier community meeting was because everyone was home reading books.Note: 82% of Seattle residents have library cards.

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